Behind Company Lines

Why User Feedback Can Be Your Weapon - Danny Morrow | BCL #301

July 12, 2023 Hosts Julian Torres and Mike Townsend, sponsored by Otter Labs Episode 301
Behind Company Lines
Why User Feedback Can Be Your Weapon - Danny Morrow | BCL #301
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Episode 301: Danny Morrow, Co-Founder & CTO of Extend

In this episode of Behind Company Lines, host Julian Torres sits down with Danny Morrow, Co-Founder & CTO of Extend, to delve into the fascinating world of transforming the B2B landscape with consumer-focused design principles. Danny shares insights on how Extend brings the best of consumer experience into their B2B products, highlighting the significance of user-centric design and the extraction of valuable insights from user experiences. The conversation unfolds with a focus on the evolution of virtual cards, from their initial use in travel expenses to solving tail spending challenges. Along the way, Danny offers perspectives on navigating growth challenges, the long-term vision of the company, and the importance of hiring good talent. With a candid and engaging discussion, this episode of "Behind Company Lines" invites listeners to gain valuable knowledge and inspiration from the success story of Extend and its innovative approach to streamlining spend and empowering businesses.

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Danny Morrow, Co-Founder & CTO of Extend
Before Extend
Bringing consumer experience into B2B products
User-Centric Design
Extracting User Insights
Evolving Virtual Cards: From Travel Expenses to Tail Spend Solutions
Virtual Cards: Streamlining Spend and Boosting Business"
Partnered Innovations: Empowering Banks and Clients
Navigating Growth Challenges
Long-term Vision of The Company
What's Hard Aout Your Job?
Hiring Good Talent
Smart Success: Lessons in Surrounding Yourself
Crypto Doubts
Early Days: Code, Dreams, and Growth
Cultivating Connected Cultures
Books Or People That Influence You The Most
If you weren't working on Extend, what would you be doing?
Where Can We Find You?